• Adds a collection of tasks to the task list.

  • Requires an array of functions which call the done callback upon completion.

  • The tasks are picked up by the task runner in the order in which they were added.

  • By default adds to the end of the task list.

  • Returns true upon successful addition.


addMultiple(tasks: Array.Function, [first: Boolean])


import TaskRunner from 'concurrent-tasks';
const runner = new TaskRunner();
function generateTasks() {
const tasks = [];
let count = 1000;
while(count) {
tasks.push(done => {
setTimeout(() => {
}, Math.random() * 1000)
return tasks;

Further Reading

Accepts an additional parameter called first as a booleanflag. Setting it as true will add the tasks to the top of the task list.

See: addMultipleFirst

All created instances have autoStart enabled by default. This means, as soon as you add tasks to your instance, it will start executing it.